091129 - Kim Myung Min thanks supporters of the Happy Energy Campaign for ALS patients

A few months ago, Kim Myung Min took part in Naver's "Happy Energy Campaign" for sufferers of Lou Gehrig's disease.
The online donation activity that ran from August 25 to 15 September 2009, raised 23,851,500 won (US$20,300/€13,500) which will be used to help those suffering from the fatal disease.
To express his appreciation to everyone who supported the campaign, Kim Myung Min wrote the letter below. 


"Hi, I'm Kim Myung Min,

I'm happy to hear that the gestures of kindness that each of you had shown had given warm hope to the sufferers of Lou Gehrig's disease.
I drew strength from your warmhearted replies as well.
I tried to portray the role realistically but I was concerned about how the patients and their families would feel.
But even so, I heard that they're very grateful to me, and I'm really thankful for that.
I would appreciate if you would continue to show your love and care for Lou Gehrig's disease sufferers.
And I promise that I will do so as well.

23 November 2009
Kim Myung Min
In his latest movie, "Closer to Heaven", Kim Myung Min portrayed a young man suffering from the fatal Lou Gehrig's disease, a neurodegenerative ailment which affects the muscles and eventually causes paralysis.
The hit movie that opened in Korean theaters on 24 September, stayed on top of the charts for 3 consecutive weeks.
29 November 2009, MyungMin International
Source: Naver
Translation of the letter: Ljubov
Written by: piano_lady


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