091202* - Kim Myung Min is slowly clawing his way back to healthy weight

After losing 20 kilos by starving himself to realistically portray an ALS patient in his latest movie "Closer to Heaven", Kim Myung Min is now clawing his way back to health.

At a height of 180cm, his normal weight is around 70 kilos. But after shedding pounds so drastically, he had to face the consequences of his action in form of dizzy spells, memory problems and general weakness. In the aftermath of the film, Kim Myung Min was only able to rebuild himself slowly.

His management stated that his current weight with is around 65 kilos. Though he still undergoes regular medical check-ups due to the health problems created by the crazy diet stunt, KMM is said be in top-shape for shooting his new movie "The Destroyed Man".

Reporter: kanshu_bee

02 December 2009, MyungMin International


Best Wishes by Vivien (not verified)
I still beat him with 2kg. :P by e2wen (not verified)

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