091203 - Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won Awarded Top Excellence Acting Awards

Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won were awarded the Best Actor/Actress Awards in their respective categories at the Blue Dragon Awards. The 30th Blue Dragon Movie Awards took place at 8 PM on December 2, at the KBS Hall in Youido, Seoul. Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won, the stars of the film “Closer to Heaven”, became the center of attention at the ceremony.

Kim Myung Min portrayed an ALS patient in “Closer to Heaven”, and in order to play the character, Kim Myung Min lost so much weight, that at one point his health was in danger. Because he displayed such extraordinary will power, he was worthy of the Best Actor award.

Kim Myung Min expressed, “I don’t know if I deserve this honor. The first person that comes to mind is my director Park Jin Pyo. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have chosen this project, and if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have persevered. His heart ached to see me grow thinner every day, so he skipped meals with me. He really is like an older brother to me.”

Kim Myung Min also said, “(Ha) Ji Won, because of you, I could finish this film, thank you for your attentiveness. Thanks to all the people who secretly shed tears for us, and to my seniors, Nam Neung Mi, Lim Ha Young and others. I also want to say to the ALS patients and their families, who are fighting death, never give up hope. And thank you to my fans who give me support. This honor belongs to the director and Ji Won, thank you all.”

Ha Ji Won, who acted alongside Kim Myung Min, said chokingly after receiving her award, “Thank you so much. It turns out that I can actually receive such an honor.”

Ha Ji Won also said, “Actually, I demanded a lot of myself on set, but never had much expectation to win an award. But after I received the Popularity Award, I started getting ambitious.”

Ha Ji Won stated, “I still have many weaknesses, and I am very grateful to everyone to be able to receive this award. I want to thank Director Park Jin Pyo and the people who created the movie for making me fall in love with Ji Soo in “Closer to Heaven”.

Ha Ji Won also expressed a special sentiment towards her co-star and fellow recipient of the Best Acting Award Kim Myung Min, “Because I was by senior Kim Myung Min’s side, watching him get worse everyday, that I am able to stand here today. Thank you so much.”

Lastly, Ha Ji Won said, “Thank you to the colleagues and the fans at 1024 for your support and care, so that I can stand here today. I will devote more love, and become a more hardworking actor.”

Source: Josun Sports, (2009.12.03 11:29)

Translation Chinese to English by hsinya