091207 - Why didn't Kim Myung Min's win cause a dispute?


Due to the decline of authority and confidence in the fairness and winner selection process of television, film and music award ceremonies, continuous criticism have been initiated towards the recipients. Consequently, television stations have canceled music award ceremonies, which then spread the criticism toward television and movie awards, many people even requested that the award ceremonies be canceled.

In the midst of all this came a star who attracted everyone's attention: Kim Myung Min. Kim Myung Min, who swept Top Acting Awards and Best Actor Awards, was never questioned as an elected winner, many people even thought that "the award went to the most deserving."

"I never thought I deserved to win, thank [God] for not giving me enough acting talent, so that I need to work 2 to 3 times harder."

Kim Myung Min of "Closer to Heaven" received the Best Actor Award at last month's 46th Daejong Film Festival, and later, on the 2nd of this month at the 30th Blue Dragon Film Festival, he won the Best Actor award again. After hearing his acceptance speech, most viewers and netizens expressed the same sentiment towards his win: "The most deserving person won the award", "The win was a matter of course for Kim Myung Min, who is an outstanding actor", "The acting 'bonjoa' (champion, the best) is still Kim Myung Min".

Especially in cases where Kim Myung Min shared his award with someone else, no matter if they were chosen according to drama ratings, or to assure that a young popular star was included, or to maintain balance, which exposes the many defects of the television company and its award ceremony, Kim Myung Min is one of the few actors who would never be questioned in receiving an award.

Ever since 2005, winning the television Top Excellence Awards has been the norm for Kim Myung Min. He played the title character in "The Immortal Lee Soon Shin", and garnered the biggest award at the 2005 KBS Awards, the Korea Visual Arts Festival's Photogenic Award, and the Korea Broadcasting Awards for Best Talent. After "The Immortal Lee Soon Shin", he played the entirely different mannered Oh Dal Gun in the SBS television drama "Bad Family", and won the PD Award at the SBS Drama Awards, and the Producers Awards of Korea for Best Performer.

He then appeared in "White Tower", and the always dedicated Kim Myung Min won the Grime Awards for Best Actor, the PaekSang Arts Awards for Best TV Actor, the MBC Drama Awards for Best Actor, and the Korean PD Awards for Best Performer.

Through last year's performance in "Beethoven Virus", Kim Myung Min swept all the television acting awards, and set a new record. The awards Kim Myung Min received for "Beethoven Virus" include: the 2nd Korean Television Association Awards, the 2008 MBC Drama Awards Grand Prize, the 2009 PaekSang Arts Awards for Best TV Actor, the 2009 Producers Awards of Korea for Best Performer, and the Korea Broadcasting Association Awards for Best Actor.

Source: mydaily
Reporter: Bae Guk Nam
Translation: Korean to Chinese: ichy, Chinese to English: hsinya