091211 - Myung Min: "I want to thank my wife for helping me overcome depression..."

[Blue Dragon Film Awards] Best Actor Kim Myung Min, “My wife helped me overcome depression…” 

What will god-given talent and unyielding hard work produce?

The 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards' Best Actor Award was bestowed upon Kim Myung Min (37 years old). He was awarded the MBC Grand Prize last year for “Beethoven Virus”, and this year, he beat Song Kang Ho, Kim Yun Suk, Ha Jung Woo and Jang Dong Gun, to win the Blue Dragon Awards with “Closer to Heaven”. His debut in a television drama was 13 years ago, and has been appearing on the big screens for just 8 years. His cheeks have regained their natural muscles, and with red eyes, he expressed his gratitude to God, for not only giving him acting ability, but also lacking in some way, so that he works 2~3 times harder than an ordinary person. After receiving the award, he told the press, “This is really unexpected. I am grateful to my wife who helped me overcome depression in the course of filming, and until its completion.”

It was expected that this fight would be tougher than ever before, but more than half of the judges have chosen Kim Myung Min. The panel judges' evaluation was: He put painstaking effort in creating the character, and after the Immortal Admiral Lee Soon Shin, White Tower, and Beethoven Virus, he gave his 200% effort in interpreting the character Jong-Woo, and delivered his best as an actor.

The whole nation was caught in the Kang Mae syndrome because of “Beethoven Virus” last winter, and [Kim Myung Min] has maintained a high level of popularity for a long period of time. But he does not attach himself to the Kang Mae glory, and willingly endured the pain of losing 20 kg, an incredible amount of weight for an actor to lose. He was awarded with the Best Actor Award at the Daejong Film Awards last month. Due to his grueling weight loss, he was in poor condition, and therefore unable to attend the ceremony. After years of struggling on the Chungmuro (the movie road) with “Sorum”, “Into the mirror”, and “Open City”, it wasn't until “Closer to Heaven” that he was able to draw in an audience of more than 2,500,000 at the box office.

He always chooses extreme projects, and throws himself into his roles in a terrifying way. This earned him the nickname “Myung Min Joa” by his Korean fans, and at the same time, is concluded to be a genius actor.

His next movie is “A Demolished Man”, in which he portrays a pastor who is searching for his kidnapped child.

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