Kim Myung Min, "Physical extreme → emotional extreme"

Kim Myung Min, "Physical extreme → emotional extreme"

[OSEN Reporter Jo Kyung-yi] If Kim Myung Min reached his physical extreme in the movie Closer to Heaven last year, then he will display his emotional extreme in this year's The Destroyed Man.

Kim Myung Min lost almost 20 kgs and challenged his physical extreme in Closer to Heaven, and it wasn't just a performance, because the audience could sympathize with Kim Myung Min's exhausted physique, his sunken eyes, and his face which has lost its luster. It felt like he really was the Lou Gehrig Disease patient Jong-woo.

In The Destroyed Man, which started filming for the first time on the 24th, Kim Myung Min plays a pastor who has perfect faith in God. But after his daughter was kidnapped, he started denying God's existence, and became a dejected man.

Kim Myung Min plays a righteous and good-hearted middle age pastor who is unfamiliar with the ways of the world. When he receives a phone call from the kidnapper 8 years later, and discovers that his daughter is still alive, he couldn't stand the extreme emotional turmoil, and carried out his battle with the psychopath kidnapper.

After Closer to Heaven, Kim Myung Min has been receiving treatment at the hospital to regain his health. According to his management, "After the movie ended, he underwent food treatment and exercise to regain his healthy body. He has been mountain climbing, and his health has greatly improved. Because he lost too much weight, he plans to start filming his next project after he has recovered 100%, and he has now recovered 80%."

Closer to Heaven drew in more than 2.2 million viewers last year.  Kim Myung Min won the Best Leading Actor Award at the Daejong Film Awards and the Blue Dragon Awards, and gained the the praise of viewers and critics alike. Many viewers are curious to whether this year's The Destroyed Man will achieve the same level of success with its different style and extreme emotions.

The Destroyed Man is a thriller story about a pastor looking for his kidnapped daughter. Kim Myung Min, Uhm Ki Joon, and Park Joo Mi, among others, have been cast. It is targeted to be released in the first half of this year.

Source:  OSEN

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26 January 2010, MyungMin International