Kim Myung Min's "The Destroyed Man" kicks off in Seoul

Kim Myung Min and Park Joo Mi started filming The Destroyed Man yesterday, 25 January. Filming took place from 10 am until 8 pm at the Segumjung Methodist Church in Seoul. A few Korean fans were also at the set and took part as extras. More photos of the church can be found here.
The Destroyed Man is a story that revolves around the life of a pastor whose life began to crumble when his daughter was kidnapped and assumed to be dead. After 8 years, he finds out that his daughter is actually alive so he tracks down the psycho abductor in order to retrieve her. Kim Myung Min plays the title role as Pastor Joo and Park Joo Mi portrays the pastor's wife.
The movie will be released in the middle of the year.
Written by: michi
26 January 2010, MyungMin International


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