"The Destroyed Man" goes to Ilsan

Tomorrow's filming of Kim Myung Min's new movie, The Destroyed Man, is confirmed to take place at the Ilsan district, located at the northwestern part of Seoul.  Shooting will start at 6 pm.

Ilsan is known as home of the Lake Park, the largest artificial lake in Asia.  It is a popular filming site  for Korean dramas such as My Girl,  Bad Couple, Star's Lover, Brilliant Legacy, On Air, Dream, etc. 

For Kim Myung Min fans, especially Beethoven Virus lovers, the Lake Park is most memorable because several scenes from the drama were filmed here, including an important scene between Kang Mae and Ru Mi.  Meanwhile Bad Family fans will surely recall an awkward but sweet lakeside scene between Oh Dal Gun and Kim Yang Ah. Can you remember the scenes from those dramas? If not, click here for more photos of the Ilsan Lake Park.

But I wonder...will Kim Myung Min will be at the Lake Park tomorrow evening? Or will the shooting take him elsewhere in the district? We'll find out soon!

Written by: michi

28 January 2010, MyungMin International


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