Kim Myung Min - Uhm Ki Joon, Acting Showdown

'The Destroyed Man': Pastor meets kidnapper

Kim Myung Min, who received the Best Actor Award for Closer to Heaven last year,  will first encounter Uhm Ki Joon, a talented musical actor moving towards the big screen, through The Destroyed Man (directed by Woo Min Ho).

In this movie, Kim Myung Min portrays a man whose daughter is kidnapped. He leaves his job as a pastor and divorces his wife to look for his daughter. After 8 years of unfruitful search, he receives a phone call from the kidnapper, telling him that his daughter is still alive. No longer able to hide his surging emotions, he is lured into the the traps set by the psychopathic kidnapper while searching for his daughter once again.

As told by Kim Myung Min's management, "After the (previous) movie has ended, he underwent dietary treatment and exercised to recover his health. He has also engaged in mountain climbing activities and his body is almost back to normal. We thought it would be tiring at the beginning when he resumed work, since his initial plan was to take on the next project only after he is almost 100% recovered. But the good news is, he is now about 80% of how he was before."

Uhm Ki Joon plays the psychopathic kidnapper that Kim Myung Min hunts after. Uhm Ki Joon's (character's) own daughter is kidnapped and killed 8 years ago, causing him to be mentally ill. He then proceeds to kidnap the pastor's daughter, expecting all to be right again. However, all the events have transformed him into a cold-blooded child kidnapper/murderer.

The Destroyed Man is a thriller movie about a pastor's encounter with his daughter's kidnapper during the search. The prayer ceremony was held on the 20th and filming started on the 24th. It is targeted to be released in the first half of this year.

Source: News Culture
Translated by (Korean to Chinese): 韓情脈脈
Translated (Chinese to English) and written by: e2wen

31 January 2010, MyungMin International