Singapore's U-Weekly No. 215 features Kim Myung Min

Kim Myung Min challenges the role of a father
Published in U weekly No. 215 on 18 January 2010

Kim Myung-min will make a shot in the new year with his movie The Destroyed Man. The movie will start filming on 20 January 2010. Kim Myung Min in currently studying the script and also analyzing his character.

The Destroyed Man is a thriller movie about a series of panicky events that start to unfold while a pastor is searching for a girl who had been kidnapped. Kim Myung Min plays the role of the girl's father, who, after his daughter had been kidnapped, resigns from his job, even to the extent of divorcing his wife, in order to look for his daughter. One day, he receives a call from the perpetrator where he got to know that his daughter, whom he thought was dead, is still alive. He then starts to follow the perpetrator in trying hard to find his daughter.

A staff member from The Destroyed Man expressed that while the movie Closer to Heaven showed Kim Myung Min as a Lou Gehrig’s disease patient battling against the disease, in The Destroyed Man, he will be a father experiencing extreme sadness due to the loss of his daughter. His superb acting will especially be highlighted when he battles with the psychotic kidnapper.

The movie The Destroyed Man, wherein Kim Myung Min plays the leading role, will premiere on the second half of the year. The movie Closer to Heaven had gotten Kim Myung Min leading actor awards in the Daejong and Blue Dragon awards. For this year, will he be able to upsurge the box office with his acting and create a new record? Looking forward to it with great anticipation!

Source: U-Weekly No. 215 published on 18 January 2010

Translation from Chinese to English: silenth0pez