Kim Myung Min as a Pastor?

Kim Myung Min has completely transformed into Pastor Joo Young Soo for his new movie, The Destroyed Man, in the stills that were released today.

Check out the rest of the stills.

Pastor Joo before his daughter (Kim So Hyun) was kidnapped.



Pastor Joo transformed into a completely different person after the incident.

The Destroyed Man tells about the fate of a pastor whose life is shattered because of the abduction of his daughter, whom everyone assumes to be dead. Unable to bear the blow of this loss, he leaves his job and eventually divorces his wife (Park Joo Mi) in order to search for his daughter. After 8 years of unfruitful search, he receives a call from the kidnapper (Uhm Ki Joon) and learns that his daughter is actually alive. He hunts down the kidnapper in order to retrieve his lost daughter...

The movie is currently in production and will be released in Korean theaters in the middle of the year.

8 February 2010, MyungMin International