Kim Myung Min will focus on the screen in the first half of the year

Kim Myung Min has decided to concentrate on the big screen in the first half of this year.

Originally, it had been known that he was going to star in Giant, a new SBS drama, which is scheduled to start broadcasting in May.  However, Kim Myung Min recently declined the main role in Giant, and instead took a role in a thriller movie, The Destroyed Man.  The two works would have similar filming schedule and opening date, and Kim has chosen the movie after a deliberation.

Giant has been considered as one of the most significant television dramas of 2010.  It is a period drama, which deals with the history of the construction development of Seoul. Since this is a large scale project, the production team wanted to secure an actor who can lead with sufficient capability and stature.  The Giant team had Kim Myung Min in mind from the early stage of the conception of the drama.

The movie which Kim chose, The Destroyed Man, tells a story about a pastor, who leads a secular life after his daughter gets kidnapped.   Kim will play the role of Joo Young Soo, who fiercely pursues the kidnapper 8 years after the abduction.  Filming began recently, and the movie is expected to be released in June.

It is known that the production team of Giant has chosen another actor, who is as well known and has the same level of acting ability as Kim Myung Min, and negotiations are going on presently.

17 February 2010, MyungMin International

Written and translated by: eylcecil

Source: DongA


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