Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday,


Kim Myung Min!


Kim Myung Min and the Millions

“Deranged (Yeongasi)” passed the 4 million mark and Kim Myung Min fulfilled his promise to treat the film crew to wine.

Kim Myung Min, who has lead his life as film characters through “Pacemaker,” “Deranged (Yeongasi),” and the latest film “Spy,” finally enjoyed family vacation for the first time in two years, before returning to film his new TV drama scheduled to begin in this fall.

“I first went to Japan. I did not think anything about the drama at that time, but I found myself coming face to face with the drama script before knowing it, when I traveled to the US.”

After coming back to Korea, Kim Mying Min held a celebration party in the evening of August 2nd, and fulfilled his promise to treat the staff to wine when “Deranged” passed the 4 million mark, giving wine to more than twenty members of the crew.


MMEntertainment 新ホームページ

新サイト では MMEntertainmentに所属する俳優達の情報を提供しています. 






這個全新網站 也介紹了MMEntertainment 的旗下藝人. 


網站內也有來自金明民的問候, 以及有關公司進一步的詳情, 例如 組織表.

以下訊息來自 MMEntertainment 的CEO, 金明民: 

CEO 訊息

MMEntertainment's New Homepage

The new site hosts information about the actor(Drunk under MMEntertainment's wings. 

You'll also find a video and picture gallery, and a message board.

The site also contains a greeting by Kim Myung Min and further details about the company, like an organization chart.

Daum Cafe & MMI 2月に合同ファンミーティング開催!

Daum Cafe 主催により

Daum Cafe & MMI 合同 キム・ミョンミン ファンミーティングが




Daum Cafe 김명민 사랑하기 (サランハギ) はミョンミンさんの韓国公式ファンクラブです。


Daum Cafe と MMIとの友好関係から、 Daum Cafe の方でMMIメンバーのために今回10席を確保してくださいました。

現在参加者を募集しておりますので、詳しい情報、および参加登録につきましては、 こちらのMMI掲示板をご参照ください。


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