Happy Birthday, Kim Myung Min!

October 8th was Kim Myung Min's birthday!


To celebrate this, MyungMin International Fans have send our best wishes to him.

This year's Birthday Project was organized and supervised by

koguma, Luna, soon and aichi,

and realized with the help of


The package arrived at MyEntertainment's office on October 4th.

What's inside the package, you wonder?

Click on "Read More" to find out!


پروژه جشن تولد 2011 کیم میونگ مین

اعضای دوست داشتنی ام ام آی


ام ام ای در حال برنامه ریزی برای پروژه جشن تولد کیم میونگ مین ئه

ما سه تا برنامه داریم


1.صداتون رو بفرستین


2.کارت پستال های دست سازتون بفرستین


3. عکسهای مورد علاقخ تون رو با یه پیام بفرستین


براتون جالبه؟


!پس به پروژه جشن تولد 2011 کیم میونگ مین بپیوندین




请寄上你的声音CD/DVD, 你的手工艺留言卡/生日卡, 你的最爱照片里有你和你的留言

感兴趣了吗? 请今天就加入我们的筹划! 

キム・ミョンミン バースデイ企画 2011 参加者募集!!



  1. あなたの肉声を!
  2. 手作りのメッセージカードを!
  3. メッセージを入れた写真を!

Kim MyungMin Birthday Project 2011

Dear MMI Members!
MMI is planning the birthday project for Mr. Kim Myungmin.

We have three plans:

  1. send your voices!  
  2. send your hand-made message cards! 
  3. send your favorite photos with your message!


Then join the Kim MyungMin Birthday Project 2011 today! 

I want to join the KMM Birthday Project 2011

For details, check out this post.

No votes have been recorded for this poll.

Our emotions (and sweets) were received!

KMM's management confirmed today that

KMM received our birthday presents on the 10th of October,

and gave us this message from him:


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