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翻譯: mingmingbaibai

1/8/2011, 明民國際


 いつも応援ありがとうございます♡ キム・ミョンミン 2011年 1月 8日」



翻訳: aichi 

2011年 1月8日  MyungMin International

Another Movieweek surprise to the MMI family!

Photo was taken from Movieweek 461 magazine.

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8 January 2011, MyungMin International

KMM's Video Greeting

See video

Kim Myung-min's message to his international fans.
The full video message is available for MMI-members, only. It's pretty big (almost 4mb), so when you click on the play button of the lower player, it wil take some time to upload properly.

Here's what he says:

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