091023 - A New Challenge for Kim Myung Min


The latest information is that Kim Myung Min is going to start filming a new movie project this November. With “Demolished/Destroyed Man” coming to the theatres in 2010, we can look forward to another transformation from Kim Myung Min's previous performances.

Mundane life-oriented spies are born. “Spy” teaser revealed!

A teaser poster and the trailer of the comedy action movie “Kancheop (Spy)” have been released.
The movie features Kim Myung Min, is directed by Woo Min Ho, and produced by 영화사 울림 Movie company Echo.


The poster shows Kim Myung Min, Byun Hee Bong, Yum Jung Ah, and Yu Hae Jin crossing a street. Kim Myung Min is holding a plastic bag of ice cream bars he bought, while Byun Hee Bong is holding a gun. The intense characters of those five spies are well portrayed in the poster.


Pacemaker on your DVD-Player

Pacemaker Poster



2枚組DVDで, インタビューや撮影裏話の入ったボーナス特典付きで リージョン 3 対応DVDプレーヤーで再生可能。

韓国語版だが 英語字幕付きで販売される。


26 March 2012, MyungMin International


Pacemaker Poster
"KD Media' 公司將於4/18/2012在韓國發行金明民的馬拉松電影"領跑者".
全套共有兩張DVD, 區碼為3 - 東南亞(包括香港、南韓及台灣等. ) 也許包括了特別訪問及幕後場景等加料福利.
全片以韓文發音, 附有韓文及英文字幕. 
3/26/2012, 明民國際

Pacemaker on your DVD-Player

Pacemaker Poster

Pacemaker will come to the small screen!

KD Media will release Kim Myung Min's marathoner movie in Korea on 18 April 2012.

The region 3 set consists of two DVDs, so some bonus material like interviews and behind the scenes will probably be available.

The DVD will be released in Korean language, with Korean and English subtitles.

26 March 2012, MyungMin International

Kim Myung Min's New Movie is called "Kancheop"[간첩]

Kim Myung Min's new movie project is called "Kancheop"[간첩], which translates to "Spy".  He will again work together with director Woo Min Ho, who already directed "Man of Vendetta" in 2010. "Kancheop" is distributed by Lotte Entertainment.

According to MMEntertainment, the movie will have its prayer ceremony on 24 March 2012. Filming will start on 06 April 2012. The locations for filming are going to cover various cities in Korea, like Seoul, Busan and Changwon.

Sources: MMEntertainment, Daum KMM Fancafe, mydaily, osen, etoday

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