Into the Mirror/거울속으로 (2003)

Released: 2003
Dreampia Department Store is preparing to re-open after being closed for a year due to a mysterious fire. Inside the store, a series of horrific serial murders are discovered. Late at night, an employee in the planning department Choi Mi-jeong is found in the restroom, having slit her throat with a pizza cutter. Next, Section Chief Kim from the General Affairs department dies alone at night in the elevator with a ball point pen thrust into his ear canal.

Open City/무방비 도시 (2008)

Released on January 10, 2008

Baek Jang-mi (Son Ye-jin), a female boss of a small pickpocket ring keen to expand its territory in Seoul, draws some attention from authorities in both Korea and Japan by staging a series of high-stakes pickpocket forays in Osaka. Once she returns to Seoul, local police duly begin to track her every move, though her official job is a tattooist clad in a revealing dress.

Another dangerous woman named Kang Man-ok (Kim Hae-sook) comes into play. Kang used to be a veteran pickpocket, and the list of her crimes and convictions is quite long. As soon as Kang serves her time in prison, she encounters her former ring member, Baek Jang-mi, who hides her thorns inside.

Baek has set up a new pickpocket team and she wants Kang to lend her legendary hands so that they can hit it big, while conquering the lucrative market areas such as Myeongdong and Dongdaemun.

But the old "stealthy" hand expresses her will to stay clean by chewing none other than the sharp blade, a key tool used for stealing money from unsuspecting merchants and ordinary people.

What Kang does not foresee in her right decision to avoid the crime scene is her crisscrossed past, which has compromised her future. At the end of the lethal human spectrum stands Cho Dae-young (Kim Myung-min), a talented detective who has a traumatic experience about his mother...

Closer to Heaven/내 사랑 내 곁에 (2009)

Formerly known as "My Love By My Side"

Sorum/Goosebumps/소름 (2001)

Released: August 2001

Looking for a fresh start, a young taxi driver moves into apartment #504 of a crumbing tenement. He soon discovers the previous tenant died mysteriously, and everyone on the floor is somehow connected to the dead man. After befriending the troubled neighbour living few doors down, he stumbles into an affair that sends them both down a dark path. But there's something else odd about the atmosphere in the run-down building. Does a ghost haunt those living here, or does true evil exist in those left alive?
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