Arirang TV features "The Destroyed Man" today

Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra will feature The Destroyed Man in their broadcast today, 28 April 2010. Here's what they say in their website:

091023 - A New Challenge for Kim Myung Min


The latest information is that Kim Myung Min is going to start filming a new movie project this November. With “Demolished/Destroyed Man” coming to the theatres in 2010, we can look forward to another transformation from Kim Myung Min's previous performances.

Kim Myung Min and the Millions

“Deranged (Yeongasi)” passed the 4 million mark and Kim Myung Min fulfilled his promise to treat the film crew to wine.

Kim Myung Min, who has lead his life as film characters through “Pacemaker,” “Deranged (Yeongasi),” and the latest film “Spy,” finally enjoyed family vacation for the first time in two years, before returning to film his new TV drama scheduled to begin in this fall.

“I first went to Japan. I did not think anything about the drama at that time, but I found myself coming face to face with the drama script before knowing it, when I traveled to the US.”

After coming back to Korea, Kim Mying Min held a celebration party in the evening of August 2nd, and fulfilled his promise to treat the staff to wine when “Deranged” passed the 4 million mark, giving wine to more than twenty members of the crew.

Pacemaker's Official Website Revealed!

The official website of “Pacemaker” has been opened. The movie Pacemaker is getting into the final countdown stage for its release!

You can find the website at:


News Updates

News for Yeongasi


金明民的經紀公司表示, "鐵線蟲"已於11月13日在慶北省的 永德郡Yeongdeok county 開機. 全片將持續拍攝到明年二月.

 拍攝地點位於山谷中, 即使夏天也非常涼爽.  而演員們甚至在水中拍戲.  難怪在這冬季裡更感到天寒地凍.然而, 全體兩百名的演出及工作人員都仍抱持著最大的熱忱. 雖然金明民在第一天並沒有戲份, 但是他還是來到了現場關注, 而非只是閒坐在冷空氣中.在此地的拍攝將持續到11月17日.

Yeongasi's Filming in the Cold

Finally, Kim Myung Min's new movie "Yeongasi" has begun filming!

According to Kim Myung Min's management, Yongashi recorded its first scenes on 13 November 2011, in Yeongdeok county in Gyeongsanbuk province.
The filming will continue until end of February 2012.

The filming location is a valley, where it's cool even in summer. The cast even acted in the water!! No doubt it's awfully cold and chilly in this winter season!

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