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Kim Myung Min: “I am a spy earning my living by selling illegal Chinese Viagra.”

“Kancheop (Spy)”'s press conference was held in a friendly atmosphere with the director and the cast on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 in Lotte Cinema, Konkuk University.

The Cast of "Spy"

Director Woo Min Ho told the press, “Rather than portraying traditional ‘cold and dark’ spy image, I wanted to depict spies who are having hectic life earning their living, brilliantly execute the operation with awesome brain and good team work, after receiving a mission order for the first time in ten years.”
As for the reason why he offered Kim Myung Min this role right after the script was finished, he confessed, “I did not know other actors.”

091026 - Closer to Heaven Press Premiere Interview in English

It is not yet too late to learn about what transpired during the interview/conference for the press preview of the "Closer to Heaven" that took place on 15 September 2009 at Seoul Yongsan CGV. Check out the report of Worldyannews reporter SunOk Cha here.

Exclusive MMI photos taken during the event will follow soon.

26 October 2009, MyungMin International

Press conference fan photos


090824 - KMM: “In the end I was so exhausted it was difficult to act”

Kim Myung-min: “In the end I was so exhausted it was difficult to act”

August 24th, 2009 // by javabeans




“With Lou Gehrig’s disease, your conscious mind remains active while your muscles deteriorate, but for me, I found that as I kept losing weight, my consciousness became equally paralyzed.”

090822 - Press Conference of "My Love By My Side"


Director Park Jin Pyo will unveil his new movie, "My Love By My Side" in a production briefing session that takes place on Monday, August 24. In this media publicity event, Director Park will be joined by Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won.


090818 - KMM and a few CF shootings

Looks like our Man is filming a lot of CFs in the coming days ;)
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