D00 - September 18, Sneak Previews

Mon, 17/09/2012
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"Spy" Stage Greeting at Seoul, Gyeonggi

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Sat, 22/09/2012 - Sun, 23/09/2012

"Spy" Stage Greeting at Seoul, Gyeonggi

"Spy" Theatre Release & Stage Greeting for the release

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Thu, 20/09/2012

"Kancheop" Theatre Release, stage greetings for the release

"Spy" VIP Preview & Sneak Previews

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Tue, 18/09/2012 - Wed, 19/09/2012

VIP & Sneak previews
"Spy": interviews for terrestrial and cable TV entertainment programs

Kim Myung Min: “I am a spy earning my living by selling illegal Chinese Viagra.”

“Kancheop (Spy)”'s press conference was held in a friendly atmosphere with the director and the cast on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 in Lotte Cinema, Konkuk University.

The Cast of "Spy"

Director Woo Min Ho told the press, “Rather than portraying traditional ‘cold and dark’ spy image, I wanted to depict spies who are having hectic life earning their living, brilliantly execute the operation with awesome brain and good team work, after receiving a mission order for the first time in ten years.”
As for the reason why he offered Kim Myung Min this role right after the script was finished, he confessed, “I did not know other actors.”

Mundane life-oriented spies are born. “Spy” teaser revealed!

A teaser poster and the trailer of the comedy action movie “Kancheop (Spy)” have been released.
The movie features Kim Myung Min, is directed by Woo Min Ho, and produced by 영화사 울림 Movie company Echo.


The poster shows Kim Myung Min, Byun Hee Bong, Yum Jung Ah, and Yu Hae Jin crossing a street. Kim Myung Min is holding a plastic bag of ice cream bars he bought, while Byun Hee Bong is holding a gun. The intense characters of those five spies are well portrayed in the poster.

"Kancheop" films big-scale car chase!


昌原市(창원시)昌原市は、最近、映画とドラマ の撮影地として市を上げて力を入れており、急浮上している . 市は韓国の南側の海辺にあり of 慶尚南道の中心都市である。

Chanwon City, South Korea


Changwo Central Crossing
A map of KBS Changwon Central Crossing near City Hall


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