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Spy 간첩 (2012)



(international Title: Spy)


Woo Min Ho (우민호)

Produced by:

Lotte Entertainment

Start of Filming:

6 April 2012

Release Date:

20 september 2012


Kim Myung Min (김명민)
Byeon Hee Bong (변희봉)
Yeom Jeong Ah(염정아)
Jeong Gyeo Un (정겨운)
Yu Hae Jin (유해진)
Jeong Man Sik (정만식)
Kim Jin Hee (김진희)


"Kancheop" films big-scale car chase!

Shooting for Kim Myung Min's new movie "Kancheop" (Spy) will be done by big scale on location in Changwon.

Recently, Changwon City (창원시) has been developed by the municipality as dorama & movie shooting location. Many movie and dorama productions plan or have already shot there. The city is located at the south coast of South Korea, and is the capital of Gyeongsangnam-do province.

Chanwon City, South Korea

"カンチョップ” キャスティング ニュース

MM Entertainment ホット・ニュース !

映画スパイ のキャストが 更にに確定。
以前から公表されてるように,  "カンチョップ" の主要キャストはキム・ミョンミン, ベテラン俳優 ビョン・ヒボン(변희봉 ) ,女優オム・ジョンア  (염정아)が演じることになっている。

Kim Myung MinYeom Jeong AhByeon Hui Bong

"Kancheop" Casting News

Hot news from MM Entertainment!

More cast members for Spy have been confirmed.
As reported earlier, the lead characters of "Kancheop" will be portrayed by Kim Myung Min, veteran actor Byeon Hee Bong(변희봉 ) and actress Yeom Jeong Ah(염정아).

Kim Myung MinYeom Jeong AhByeon Hui Bong

Kim Myung Min's New Movie is called "Kancheop"[간첩]

Kim Myung Min's new movie project is called "Kancheop"[간첩], which translates to "Spy".  He will again work together with director Woo Min Ho, who already directed "Man of Vendetta" in 2010. "Kancheop" is distributed by Lotte Entertainment.

According to MMEntertainment, the movie will have its prayer ceremony on 24 March 2012. Filming will start on 06 April 2012. The locations for filming are going to cover various cities in Korea, like Seoul, Busan and Changwon.

Sources: MMEntertainment, Daum KMM Fancafe, mydaily, osen, etoday

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